Minimalism is an artistic movement that only uses minimal and basic elements. By extension, in everyday language, minimalism is associated with everything that has been reduced to the essentials and presents no remaining element or accessory. Beautiful minimalist homes are characterized by simplifying spaces appealing to simplicity, to pure colors and simple lines. This movement that is so present in architecture and interior design, emerged during the 60s and has settled until today. Therefore minimalism aims to give more importance and highlight other elements of the house such as light, space, corners, decorative elements and outdoor areas.

These beautiful luxury villas have minimized their ornamentation and decoration thus breathing purity and simplicity into its elements. This inevitably offers guests staying at this minimalist houses a higher sense of peace of mind and tranquility. By minimizing these aspects that seem essential, minimal luxury villas enhance the overall context of the house such as the views, the privileged location and the space. Most of these luxury homes to rent are located in exclusive private areas of Ibiza. Some enjoy wonderful panoramic views to the Mediterranean sea. Others are magically surrounded by a stunning natural scenery typical from the Balearic island, while others are situated on top of a cliff and their views can be enjoyed from amazing infinity pools.

As the famous architect Mies Van der Rohen said

“Less is more”


Exquisite minimalist home with out of this world vistas. Sant Jordi, Ibiza.


An avant-garde architecture with an elegant interior design. Sant Miquel, Ibiza. 


Minimalist and luxurious villa with wonderful sea views. Sant Josep, Ibiza. 


Modern luxury home with stunning panoramic sea vistas. Sant Josep, Ibiza.


Designed by a famous architect, this luxury villa is a special and interesting one. Sant Josep, Ibiza.


Very minimalist luxury home to find peace of mind. Can Furnet, Ibiza.


A fresh and stylish home with astonishing sunset views of Cala Tarida. Sant Josep, Ibiza.


Magnificent luxury house blessed with lots of light and space. Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza.


Very bright and minimalist with a colourful touch in its décor. Cala Salada, Ibiza.


Amazing frontline minimalist house with luxury amenities and stunning infinity pool. Sant Josep, Ibiza.

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