Beaches in Ibiza are a wonder. An out of this world marvel worth spending your whole life in. Maybe that is why a lot of people living in Ibiza once packed their bags and moved to the island. The Ibizan dream some say. Turquoise waters, crystal clear seaside, fine white sand and warm summer breeze. Why travel far away when paradise is at your doorstep? Ibiza has indeed some of the most beautiful and best preserved natural beaches in the world.

Surrounded by local natural scenery such as pines and eucalyptus, most of these coves are hidden between a green mantle of vegetation and a glittering surface of blue water. They are hard to find since they remain secret for most tourists. Lucky for you, we have made a special list of the most amazing ones. Whether you are looking for cool beaches to go in the north, or searching for the perfect sunset spot in the west, there will be an amazing beach awaiting.

You can also enjoy amazing views to the seaside from our lovely luxury villas with seaside views in Ibiza! Stunning panoramic scenery to the Mediterranean sea gazing at summer sunsets from Ibiza.

Piece of advice: rent a boat! If you are wise enough you will discover that around these little coves there are some virgin ones. Only by boat one can explore and enjoy these secluded bays. Given their unreachable essence, tourists hardly camp their towels there! There you will forget about big crowds, tight space and those annoying loud people.

On the other hand, if your inner party animal is vibrating with excitement about coming to Ibiza, there is also a perfect beach for you! High end beach clubs and restaurants are set along well-known beaches. Dance along in-house techno DJs, drink freshly squeezed cocktails, or enjoy a tranquil summer meal in a terrace.

Sounds too much for you? Don’t worry because Ibiza has plenty to offer. There are many family-friendly beaches with easy access, fun activities and play areas. Fine and smooth sand coves ideal to have a blast with your whole family. Do not miss the chance to explore shallow turquoise waters with the kids looking for rare fish!

Anyhow: coming solo, with friends, family or lovers, here are the best beaches in Ibiza carefully hand-picked for you. Take some time and pick your favourite one. Or just go for all, it really does not matter: all of them are magical.


Most beaches around this area are unspoiled and off the map surrounded by spectacular natural scenery of rocky cliffs and pines.

Best way to visit some of them is by boat in order to enjoy the hidden corners of all coves.


Length: 160 meters

Description: Famous for its idyllic scenery and sunsets, Benirras offers a wonderful environment of bright green waters and rocky sand beds. Experience Sunday sunsets to the sound of hippy bongo drummers.


Length: 60 meters

Description: Access one of the tiniest coves on the island through a magnificent stone water entrance. Its bohemian vibe will invite you to chill and enjoy yourself in front of the sea.


Length: 350 meters

Description: This family friendly beach has something for everyone. You will adore its transparent waters and beautiful surrounding.


Length: S’Arenal Gros, 170 meters – S’Arenal Petit, 60 meters – Playa Porto, 40 meters

Description: This trio of beaches are perfect for families due to the resorts in the area. Wonderful white sand and tranquil sea.


Length: 300 meters

Description: Well known within the Ibizan community this untouristed beach has golden sand dunes backed by high beautiful cliffs. Great location for diving and for some family time.


Length: 100 meters

Description: The picturesque rocky coastline covered with grey pebble sand makes this beach popular among sailors. Luxury yachts navigate transparent waters away from the spotlight.


Length: 35 meters

Description: This untouched cove has crystal sea water and a rocky coastline. Given the hidden nature of its location there are no facilities around so make sure you arrive prepared! Lovely area for couples.


Beaches here are famous for being the perfect place to watch a wonderful Ibizan sunset.

Find a spot in one the many coves around this area, or enjoy a delicious meal at the beach clubs. The turquoise waters and marvelous sunsets won’t leave you indifferent.


Length: 300 meters

Description: This beach has the goldest sand and the clearest water. There is a protected area for swimmers away from deep waters.


Length: 80 meters

Description: Enjoy turquoise waters and gorgeous white sand. This beach is situated in a small cove with low waves and shallow water level. Disabled access available.


Length: 900 meters

Description: One of the most magnificent beach resorts on the island famous for its emerald green waters. Great for volleyball and water sports.


Length: 300 meters

Description: Made up of four little coves, this beach is one of the most renowned sunset spots in the island. It is surrounded by a stunning natural scenery of rocky ledges and crystal waters.


Length: 275 meters

Description: Gaze at luxurious yachts in this deep blue bay of shallow turquoise waters. Families will enjoy nearby water sports, restaurants and fun horse riding activities.


Length: 150 meters

Description: This is one of the most magical and laid-back golden beaches on the island with a view of the rocky formations of Es Vedra and Es Vedranell.


Length: 50 meters

Description: Made up of pebble and sand this exclusive private bay is perfect for getting away from big crowds. However parking spots are limited so getting there early is a must!


The largest beaches are located in this area so take a minute to relax on a sunbed feeling the warm Ibizan summer breeze.

Maybe take a ride to the closest city Eivissa for a fancy evening full of events and activities.


Length: 2700 meters

Description: The longest and most famous beach on the island is covered by soft pale sand and scattered with sun beds. You will find several boutiques and restaurants along it.


Length: 1500 meters

Description: A nature reserve surrounds this iconic Ibizan beach. Soft golden sand and amazing salt flats. Getting there early is essential to avoid long queues.


Length: 1100 meters

Description: This beach is a natural beauty surrounded by sand dunes and rolling waves. Bear in mind this is an official nudist space!


Length: 225 meters

Description: Red rocky cliffs and pine trees shape this gorgeous yet busy beach. A stunning spot where land and sea merge.


Length: 150 meters

Description: This unspoiled and quiet pebble beach enclosed by beautiful cliffs is perfect for finding peacefulness. That is why the use of radios and beach games is forbidden.


From white powdery beaches to rocky coves, Ibiza has everything to offer. The Ibizan beaches can also be enjoyed during the evening once the sun is back to sleep and the most spectacular sunsets of the Mediterranean Sea take place.

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