Bonder & Co gets hold of Mattia Ulivieri, Blue Marlin Ibiza’s MD, for a brief interview. We talked about his beach club, music, luxury and entertainment.

This is what you can expect from this new summer season!

Mattia Ulivieri

Mattia Ulivieri

Managing Director Blue Marlin Ibiza

Music, drinks, gastronomy… Was this the primary idea to base Blue Marlin Ibiza in?

The Ibiza’s scene has always been in continuous evolution and so has Blue Marlin Ibiza. We have evolved and upped our game organically according to the demand of the public, now very music-conscious, lifestyle-savvy and well travelled. We have created a multi-concept format where you can enjoy beach, restaurant, lounge bar and music all in one place, and at the cutting-edge of fine entertainment.

Who likes to come to Blue Marlin Ibiza?

An international and stylish crowd, a cosmopolitan audience who is discerning and forward-thinking and wants the ultimate entertainment experience.

How do you think you have positioned yourself in the beach club panorama on the island? 

We have pioneered the beach club concept, mixing techno/underground music with a cutting-edge/glam lifestyle concept and offering quality service in a multi-format environment. We did so responding to the demand of the public, we rode the wave and then others followed. Now being a beach club has become a category and we can all make sure it stays regulated accordingly.

What makes you different?

We listen to what the public wants and then we translate it into cutting-edge fine entertainment. To do so we recruit very competent staff.

How’s Blue Marlin family?

Happily expanding and globetrotting.

Has demand for luxury services increased in Ibiza? 

In the last decade or so it has increased more rapidly, however the quest for luxury has been in Ibiza since Onassis and Jackie Kennedy set foot on the island in the 1960s.

We are committed to offer our public an impeccable service and quality entertainment. It’s not just about luxury, we have a diverse and international audience and there’s something for everyone, it depends on the client, we wouldn’t want to be pigeonholed into a luxury category only. Cutting-edge entertainment with high-end service.

Bonderco Blue Marlin Ibiza Club

You have big expansion plans… How have you transmitted the same vibe and values to Bodrum in Turkey and Blue Marlin Ibiza Los Cabos in Mexico?

Blue Marlin Ibiza is proud to have several competent smooth operators behind the scenes that can make it happen. We work closely with the local teams and gradually start off the Blue Marlin Ibiza’s philosophy and technical operations. Blue Marlin Ibiza Bodrum grand opening this weekend (July 2nd was spectacular and the same was for our Pop YOU Up second edition event in Blue Marlin Ibiza Los Cabos, its grand opening will be on November 19th.

You have expanded so much that you also have a Magazine and Radio Station, which are reference points among the international crowd. How is that going?

The magazine and the radio are a great add-on to our offering and a gift our public can take home. BMIMAG is a coffee table magazine, a window into Blue Marlin Ibiza’s world that captures the tastes and desires of our audience; and you can listen to Blue Marlin Ibiza radio from everywhere in Ibiza and beyond.

What artists (DJs) have you bet on for this summer season?

We nurture new talent and old school DJs alike and we believe in each and everyone who plays at Blue Marlin Ibiza. Uner and Dosem have mixed our CD volume 10, then Housekeeping, Citizenn, Greeko, Ernest+Frank, Technasia, WHO, Serge Devant and many others including all our amazing resident DJs.

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