Spain is the third largest wine producer worldwide and, by contrast, one of the last ones among European countries in yearly consumption of wine per capita.

What are we doing wrong?

Casa Rojo has made this answer the key to their staggering success.

This young company not only perceives wine as a product per se but as an experience worth sharing. Wine is best enjoyed among loved ones, that’s a fact. Its flavour varies not only depending on the type of grape but also according to the moment, the mood and the environment. Savoring La Marimorena beside the sea is not the same as dancing and laughing to Macho Man Monastrell.

“Wine can tell you about the land where it comes from, about time, about the hands that have harvested it, about the past and the future,” recounts Francisco Hidalgo, Casa Rojo’s Communication Director.

But if wine speaks to us and we do not know how to transmit the sound to others, then something doesn’t work. Casa Rojo takes pride in having an excellent and reckless communication strategy.

Until recently there was a general issue in the way such product, so closely linked to rhetoric and past, was communicated. “People are already tired about wine ‘experts’. We believe that wine is a joyful moment you share with the person you want to be at that time. We produce wines for those who want to enjoy, those who want a fresh, fruity wine without taking into account the scores of great critics from the wine panorama.”

Second Best Winery of the Year

Thanks to this special market insight, Casa Rojo has achieved what many others have been trying for a long time: differentiate themselves from the rest. For them, it is not enough to produce a high quality wine. Everything revolving around it must be carefully watched over and deeply researched. Since its birth in 2010, Casa Rojo has been adapting to new trends, paying attention to customer’s demands and interests…etc. And they know how to perfectly merge it with everything an exquisite wine has always implied: tradition, family, terroir… in short: origin.

Its founders José Luis Gómez and Laura Muñoz know what they’re up to. It wasn’t worth being only a mere producer but rather a turning point in the Spanish winery scene. Founders, managers and winemakers: here they do not deal with an issue alone. People at Casa Rojo have to be volatile and multifaceted since staying at the top requires constant attention and movement.

We do not understand hierarchy as such. We all contribute in the daily life of Casa Rojo,” assures Francisco.

And we believe so. Because they also have a really cool section in their website dedicated to those who hide behind every drop of wine. From farmers to wives, managers and even the bar owner. Because one good turn deserves another.

History, humanity, honesty. So does Francisco describe what wine means to them.

Despite the humbleness and simplicity their words transmit, Casa Rojo is recognised for their rebelliousness, passion, modernity and innovation. All this obviously combined with tradition, respect for the past and authenticity.

“We bring upon an innovative and revolutionary vision to a very traditional sector as that of wine can be. We love what we do and we are proud of our way of working.”

That’s what we’re talking about! We don’t like to use the word “rebel” in vain. Casa Rojo has a cool vibe and a familial approach. Combining the most modern digital techniques to produce their commercials such as this one or this one, Casa Rojo manages to always serve the last round.

They understand that for those who want to live the moment with a great wine, that moment begins the minute a bottle is chosen from the showcase. Hence the original and groundbreaking packaging. That’s an essential piece of their external communication. Viticulture is a job that requires perseverance, passion for the profession and above all a constant movement.

“Being there” in every key moment of the client’s life is essential.

The Perfect Strategy

Any time that suggests uncorking a good bottle of wine, there goes Casa Rojo. That is why those responsible for exporting it travel each year around the world attending the most important events in the wine panorama, making an appearance and negotiating. All of who work hard so that Casa Rojo’s wines continue being at the best restaurants of each continent. They have been tasted in over 38 countries; and those they are about to conquer.

Like any father they cannot be asked to choose their favorite son.

“It is a question that has no possible answer. We are proud of our job, of the eight projects that we have carried out and which reflect the Spanish wine heritage. We are proud of our process in treating the vineyard the traditional way: using manual grape harvests and small boxes of 15kgs so that the grape enters the cellar in perfect conditions. We elaborate small production runs, which vary from 14.000 to 98.000 wine bottles max.”

Their newest project, The Orange Republic suggests a good conversation among friends when being tasted. La Marimorena on the contrary, needs some oysters in fine company. And the Macho Man Monastrell? You will have to see for yourself.

“We love what we do and we do what we love. We are happy and a bit insurgent.”

About Spain’s Wine Culture

Francisco tells us that the culture and Spanish wine heritage is immense. But us Spaniards should take more advantage of what we have: take heart from it. “We should appreciate the great work done for a bottle of wine to arrive to the table, from the farmer that harvests the grape to the designer that works on its image.”

When asked about their future plans, he answers assertive: continue working, continue striving and continue learning. The strength of that statement is what every Casa Rojo wine breathes, from its label to its language and taste. It is time for a wine revolution in Spain. And if done with a glass of wine, the better will flow.

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