Friday was a good day for Cicale and its novel chef Erika Tangari. The newest and coolest kid in town is here to stay. One of the most delicious and innovative italian restaurants in Ibiza has embarked in a new and daring adventure: Cicale Roots.

Chef Erika Tangari into Town

Like witty cicale,  Michela and Paolo have been developing for 10 years now a unique gastronomy far away from conventional italian standards. Looking for a pizza? You will not find it in their menu. Instead there is an exquisite variety of explosive and remarkable creations. Expanding this success and warm acceptance among islanders was a matter of time: Cicale Roots it the final product. Why settle with just an evening menu when you can have it all? Italian Chef Erika Tangari has given the right push to hit the mark. And so a healthy, raw and vegan afternoon menu was born.

Michela met Erika through a common friend a while ago. A fortunate stroke of serendipity one would say. Michela saw in Erika inspiration and the right approach to what she was looking for Cicale Roots. The experienced cook has a vast knowledge when it comes to macrobiotic and ayurvedic diet. Knowledge she has acquired throughout several exploration journeys around the most spiritual countries to master this type of cuisine: Nepal, India and Bali.

A New Healthy and Vegan Menu for Summer Afternoons

The ayurvedic gastronomy is inspired on ayurveda medicine, an alternative medical technique to heal body and soul. The sattvic diet in which Erika Tangari bases all her dishes uses natural and tasteful ingredients coming straight from the market. Everything she cooks is done in the most pure way, Michela says. So pure that all local products are not stored in the fridge but outside so that they preserve their original flavour and texture. She is able to merge mediterranean and vegan tradition with a macrobiotic dieting. Despite one might think that all this mix of flavours may be tasteless and insipid it actually happens the contrary. 

The italian influence has a great weight inside the afternoon menu. Given Erika Tangari’s Milanese roots, there was no doubt that one of the star dishes would be the parmigiana. Called Raw Summer Parmigiana this delicious typical dish recreates the most traditional italian memories. A fine crust of dehydrated crackers with grated zucchini and vegan cheese will melt in your moth. Everything is well thought to produce nutritive strikes that touch body and soul.Food as medicine would be her mantra. Food dehydration, marination…etc., is all done in-house to maintain a high level of purity. Thanks to all the experimentation and blending, Erika is able to produce volcanoes of amazing taste in the palates of the lucky diners who attend Cicale Roots.

A Magical Local Finca in the Heart of Ibiza

Cicale is a cute lovely place inside a beautiful local finca surrounded by nature. The magic garden grants the venue a homey atmosphere in which diners feel like home. “We want clients to think about Cicale as a place they are being taken care off” says her owner. Eat in a relaxed laid-back way accompanied by amazing food: that’s what Cicale is offering us all. Wooden long tables; white, blue and pink décor; and a beautiful set of summery flowers gives this renowned restaurant a delightful ambience. Cicale Roots opens at 11:30 with formidable breakfast suggestions such as tostada payesa typical from Ibiza.  Other traditional dishes that combine local products like tomatoes, avocados and cheese are among those served. 

Then Erika goes on with light lunch creations from a vegan selection of tasty innovative ingredients. At night the atmosphere experiments a captivating transformation. The evening menu consists of fresh pasta as well as typical italian dishes made up of freshly catched fish and high quality meat. “There is a little bit of everything” affirms Michela. Truth is Cicale has long time built a good reputation not only among islanders but also in between a bunch of loyal international fans! If you step in any day of the week, you will find a mix of very interesting people from locals and tourists to foreigners and expats which have made Ibiza their permanent home.

Michela and Paolo experienced this same affection for the balearic island quite a long time ago when they decided to start this successful venture. Living in London working as a fashion producer, Michela got worn out and decided to make a twist in her life. So she packed her bags and moved to Ibiza, the island she fell in love with.

After some time working at different Ibizan venues, “I decided to do something for myself, more unique and more attention to detail: I wanted something similar to my story,” confesses the italian entrepreneur. Along with her dear friend and business partner Paolo, she built what Cicale is today. “Cicale has changed a lot in all those years… You get to learn a lot about what people like and grow with it”. 

Cicale Roots is now the perfect combination of what Cicale is doing at night but more edgy and natural. What food has joined together let no man put asunder.

Cicale Roots opens everyday at 11:30 except Tuesdays. Cicale opens every night of the week.

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