A guide to the East part of Ibiza.

Have you just arrived to Santa Eulalia and you have no clue what is going on? Or are you planning to travel around Ibiza discovering its different areas?

Here below, Bonder & Co has gathered all the information to go beyond touristy sites on this side of the island. There is so much to explore in Santa Eulalia we feel that this is still not enough! But you can see for yourself; the calm that surrounds this area will enamour you.

The most traditional and exclusive side of Ibiza


Located in the east coast, Santa Eulalia – also known among islanders as Santa Eulària d’es Riu – is an authentic Ibizan village that makes up the third most populated location on the island. It owes its name to the only river existent now a days in Ibiza and the whole Balearics. The river is a unique spot both for its natural surroundings as for its magical features.

Santa Eulalia is only 21 km away from the airport and it has proven to be the preferred area for families with kids. It is a popular destination for travelers looking for quiet and relaxed holidays away from the Ibizan turmoil. But don’t get confused: Santa Eulalia is also the gastronomical meeting point of Ibiza. Foodies and jetsetters get together in this area to enjoy the culinary pleasures of life. That is why here one will find the most exclusive and luxurious restaurants, beach clubs and shops on the island. A thriving community wanders around the eastern part of the island throughout the whole year. Santa Eulalia looks at a more exclusive type of vacationer.

Maritime Walk

A good example of this investment in exclusive features for this area is the marvelous maritime walk along the port. This beautiful promenade stretches along the curvy beachside and it is decorated by palm trees at both sides. Gaze at the Mediterranean coast while smelling the miniature gardens sitting by the huge fountain.

Continue to the right end facing the sea and you will encounter Cala D’es Mariners, where the river mouth meets the sea. From this wonderful beach there is a nice quiet road meanders along the river leading to the Roman bridge which has been masterfully restored these past years. Cross the river to find the beach of Calo de S’Alga through another paved path.

Luxury Marina

A ‘must’ of this part of Ibiza is the exquisite marina full of fine restaurants and cafes: a high-end selection of the best venues in the island. From the most lighthearted and economic to the most exclusive international food. On the left side there are ferries that sail to nearby beaches and day trips to the sister island of Formentera. Rent a boat to have your own private adventure to neighbouring hidden beaches and coves. You will experience the true sailing atmosphere of the island surrounded by luxury yachts and powerboats. Keep walking along the marina and you will end up in the hippy market of Es Canar. 

The impressive marina has made Santa Eulalia a focal point for the Mediterranean jetsetters and VIP crowd. This elegant area has become the favourite place to shop, dine out and have fun in the relaxed nightlife of the town.

Santa Eulalia Old Town


Ibiza is well known for its cute little old towns of each city. Santa Eulalia has the most magical little streets escorted by white cute houses on every side. Houses that are hanging around Puig de Missa – the idyllic church of Santa Eulalia in the middle of the main square – as if they were beautiful bellflowers. The elegance and simplicity of this area is embedded with Ibizan tradition and authenticity. As all roads lead to Rome there are two main streets in which you will find yourself sooner or later: Calle San Jaime and Calle San Vicente.

Calle San Jaime is lined with trees and serves as a meeting point for those who love to walk around to see and be seen among the Ibizan society. Plenty of summer terraces and stunning rooftops comprise this formidable street in Santa Eulalia.

Parallel to Calle San Vicente you will immediately encounter the second most important street: San Vicente. Labelled as the Restaurant Street, this picturesque venue portrays the perfect Mediterranean atmosphere. Clinging cups, loud laughs and delicious smells surround this typical Ibizan location where people like to have a good time to the sound of live music.



Santa Eulalia is the perfect place for a quiet evening and a delicious dinner in a friendly and family atmosphere. There is a whole street full of restaurants where you will find a wide variety of cuisine, from traditional Ibizan cuisine establishments specializing in dishes from India, Japan and any other variety in between. These are our favourites which we totally recommend:

Nikki Beach Club

Listen to tunes from world class DJ´s as you enjoy the upscale surroundings of the gorgeous Nikki beach. Its trademark decor is similar to its other 12 beach clubs around the world.


Perfect for couples and families alike, Amante is a cove of seclusion and relaxation. The idyllic beach club is cradled on a cliff, accompanied with breathtaking views.


Deluxe exotic lounge bar offering exquisite signature cocktails and sushi creations among.

Atzaró Beach

Make a selection from the Mediterranean fusion menu the club has to offer. There is also an impressive wine list housing over 80 different variations from Spain, France and Italy. The club has a great reputation among locals and jet setters alike.

Puig de Missa Hill

Atop the hill is the symbolic old church of the city. A point from which you get wonderful views of the surrounding countryside. The fascinating church of Nuestra Señora de Jesús is a sixteenth century construction that symbolizes the heart of Santa Eulalia. Climb up this hill to experience the most amazing sunset views on the horizon.

Craft Markets


Santa Eulalia is an unmissable place for all hippy markets lovers on the island. Visit the famous 70s market, Punta Arabí in Es Canar. Open every Wednesday from April to October. Come over on Saturdays to Las Dalias in San Carlos. An extensive and varied range of silver handicrafts, leather, jewelry, fashion and gift items can be found there. Colourful oleanders and beautiful hibiscus blossom with strength giving the stalls of handicrafts a hippy vibe.

Torre D’En Valls


This defense tower is located opposite the island of Tagomago, on the east coast of Ibiza. It is dated in the second half of the eighteenth century and it is integrated into the overall plan of defense of the Balearics. Spend a family day climbing up the tower and enjoying the fantastic horizon and views to other sides of the Ibiza.

Best beaches

Most beaches around Santa Eulalia have shallow waters and golden sand. A pure summer bliss for couples, families or going solo. Long sandy coastline that form a paradise of luxury and natural surroundings. Watersports’ lovers will encounter a wide array of activities. Families will kids will find this area fascinating and fun to engage in family-friendly activities with the little ones! Santa Eulalia has the most wonderful beaches in Ibiza kids will love. High-end and local restaurants and beach clubs are located around most of these beaches. Here are the best ones from our personal collection:


Beautiful hidden beach between Cala Martina and Cala Pada. Fine and well maintained sand, its shallow waters are ideal for long days at the beach with the family. You will find an incredible number of watersports, fun water toys and boat trips.

Cala Llonga

This beach is a small and popular tourist resort of Cala Llonga, accessible by winding roads with spectacular views. Wide and sandy soil that borders the picturesque bay with hills of lush pine forests on both sides. The shallowness of the water makes it especially suitable for kids. Plus it features a playground area at one end of the beach.

Playa Es Canar

Surrounded by a long beach of fine golden sand and caressed by crystal clear waters with a small port at the end. Ideal for families because it is protected from the open sea and the waters are shallow. Although frequented by an eclectic mix of different people, the fact of being a beach in a resort with many amenities makes it a desirable destination for families and couples from all around the world. Es Canar is also well known for its water sports.

Cala Nova

Cala Nova emerges as a wide and curvy sandy beach. Its shallow waters and clean golden sand are a blessing. With the right wind it can be one of the few beaches in Ibiza with ideal surfing conditions, so it is very popular among the small but enthusiastic surfing community on the island. The area retains its natural state: to the left of the cove on a hill, there is a small pine forest that invites to long walks.

Playa Santa Eulalia

Under the great promenade of the city there is a wonderful long and wide beach with fine white sand. The waters here are clean and shallow, very safe for kids and adequate for less experienced swimmers. There are excellent watersports facilities and boat trips for the day from the nearby port.


If you are looking for a unique luxury experience then this private island is the answer. Get away from the chaos of the city and relax in this enclave of seclusion.

Only reachable by boat or helicopter, this idyllic island is located in a wonderful setting surrounded by a harmonious natural scenery. Rent Tagomago’s private luxury villa and enjoy all the exclusive villa treats available. If you are an adventurous soul then you can have access to a private array of watersports such as diving or kite surfing. Tagomago has the perfect paths to go bird watching and hiking.


Santa Eulalia is best travelled by boat. Renting a yacht or a sailing boat is an amazing option for those who do not conform with regular activities. The only way of really exploring virgin coves and hidden beaches in Santa Eulalia is by sailing around the east coast.

It is an excellent option for those who love diving since the best places to see new marine species are beyond the typical areas touristy areas of the coast. Add some cool extra features to your boat trip with on board catering, live DJs and cocktail creations. Everything you might think of we will provide!

Outdoor activities


Only the municipality of Santa Eulalia offers over 300 kilometers of free land for hiking and cycle tourism. Ibiza is currently encouraging in ecotourism which consists in making the most out of the natural resources and sites of the island. It is an ideal way of getting to know this eastern side of the island.

Even more if you are traveling with children to Ibiza. Kids love to go on adventures and experience the natural beauties of the island in a fun and engaging way. A perfect family day out in Santa Eulalia!

Luxury Villas in Santa Eulalia

Are you looking to stay in this privileged and exclusive are of Ibiza? Bonder & Co has the most beautiful villas for you and your family and friends to experience a high-end and carefree vacation! Check out luxury villas in Santa Eulalia. And don’t forget to contact our concierge dream team to arrange the perfect stay with all the extra concierge services at your disposal!

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