Not only is Spain known for tortilla and bullfighting. Wine is a very strong pillar of Spain’s identity as well of its culture. Wine makers in the country can be proud to be growing more and more every year. Spain is one of the world’s greatest wine producers.

It is not only important in economic terms but also in social and environmental aspects. The relevance of the winemaking industry promotes Spain’s image and reputation abroad. In the past year 2015, the world wine production was estimated to be 257.5 million hectoliters meaning an increase of 2% in production compared to the previous year. Italy still is the world’s leading wine producer which is still increasing by 10%. Following Italians there’s France, whose wine industry is slowly increasing (only 1% in 2015). In the meanwhile Spain’s wine manufacture grew a stunning 4% last year.

Spanish winemakers expect the market to keep up this favourable trend in vineyards and close 2016 with positive figures. Spain has very rich and diverse terrain to cultivate high quality grapes. Not only but also the weather conditions are always a big plus for the country! The climatic differences as well as the wide variety of soil types makes the Peninsula an ideal place for wine production. Wine in Spain is produced in 17 different regions and all of them have a special history at their backs.

If searching throughout the map, wine lovers all over the world will be able to spot important growing areas. Castilla-La Mancha for instance makes up nearly 50% of the growing terrains followed by Extremadura with an 8.4%

Here is a list of our favourite (and what we consider the best) grape varieties per region in Spain.


Location: Murcia

This type of grape is representative of the DO Jumilla wines. This grape is considered to be the queen of grapes in the area and have made DO Jumilla a recognized wine worldwide. They are usually harvested in late September and October.

Sight: rather small with an intense black colour.

Nose: fruity with blackberry hints and some balsamic notes.

Palate: keeps some sweet notes and a fruity taste. Leaves a smoky aroma in the mouth at the very end.


Location: Pontevedra

Albariño is a round green grape with some yellow shades. Originally from Galicia, this grape originates DO Rias Baixas type of wines with some fruity aromas and variations.

Sight: Albariño present a straw-yellow, bright gold and green iridescent color.

Nose: floral aromas and fine and distinguished fruit. A long lasting sharp and powerful intensity.

Palate: fresh and soft, with a strong body and high alcohol degree yet balanced and harmonious with an acid touch. 


Location: Castilla y León, especially La SECA

The Verdejo is a renowned variety of tasty grape from which DO Rueda is produced. 3 different characteristics define this Denominacion de Origen: Verdejo, continental climate, and a special gravy terroir.

Sight: greenish golden colour, intense and pure.

Nose: excellent acidity with some fruity notes. A scent of green apple, fresh herbs and fragrant nuances.

Palate: fresh and acid as well as flavourful with a moderate bitter taste.


Location: Ourense

The vineyards of Valdeorras are leading producers of DO white wine. Located in the South-Western region of Ourense, people usually call it “the natural gateway to Galicia”. The most widespread variety of white grape are Godello and Mencia, however our favourite one is the first.

Sight: dressed in pale yellowish colours and green hues.

Nose: fruity scent of apple, peach and grapefruit. Some floral aromas of linden and almond.

Palate: intense, tasty and with some acid components.


Location: La Rioja

Tempranillo wines produced by this type of grape are characterized by a giving this drink a softness in texture that persist on the palate for a long time. They are catalogued as young wines, that is, less than 2 years of aging. They should be drunk quickly to avoid losing their essential characteristics.

Sight: its color is a mix of mauve, orange and cinnamon.

Nose: wild aromas of wood and fruity berries. Sweet in the inside.  

Palate: cherry flavor mixed with leather and cocoa touch at the beginning.

Casa Rojo are some of those unconditional wine lovers that keep excelling every year in the production of several Denominacion de Origen all over the Peninsula. If you are looking to visit some of their most renowned vineyard during your holidays they will happily offer a tour for your family and friends around the region. They are experts both in national and international exports and their wine collection goes from white wines to red and typical Catalan cavas. They are proud of having finely designed cellars.

Spain has lovely wine routes to explore all year round. When coming to Spain it is highly recommended to visit in a guided tour some of these extraordinary wine cellars and fantastic vineyards, especially during harvesting season. These bodegas are widely spread around the mentioned regions and many more.

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