Starting with a quote from the famous 1984s Triumph song: ‘People say don’t ever look behind, happiness is just a state of mind. Rock and roll lives and breathes in the hearts of the young. Living for today, forget about tomorrow – Follow your heart.’ And that’s exactly what you should entering this very unique venue you shouldn’t miss coming to Ibiza. Let us guide through this experience.


HEART Ibiza is the beautiful outcome of a ten year friendship of Guy Laliberté (founder of Cirque du Soleil) and the Adrià brothers Albert and Ferran. who is the inventor of the molecular gastronomy. They’ve been sharing their ideas and transformed their common passion for art, music and food into this unique venue right in the centre of the Marina. Heart opened their doors 2 years ago, the summer of 2015 as a lab to explore the boundaries between these three art forms.

Heart Ibiza Founders


Heart Ibiza Venue

HEART is a space designed to feel the magic of the island Ibiza like you never felt it before. It’s located at the heart of the seafront of Marina Botaforch and close to Ibiza town. The venue includes three different areas, the terrace, dedicated to street foods, the restaurant to enjoy the whole dinner experience and the shows, and the club with it’s thriving sound. The terrace is the meeting point to start into the night, meet new people and adore the wonderful views of Ibiza’s old town Dalt Vila. Heading to the lab, the surprises will take the stage from the very first moment and is a truly unique experience. And once you’re heading to the club to dance through the night, it will make your heart beat even faster.



HEART quickly has become a hotspot in Ibiza thanks to its impeccable combination of originality and sophistication. Spoken with the words of Albert and Ferràn Adrià “We have worked with all our heart to be able to create a unique experience that will make each night at HEART a party, not only for people who visit us but also for ourselves. And feeling happy is the best way to make our customers happy.” And experiencing a night ah HEART you can feel the passion and vision they’ve had, it is truly unique, not only the venue but also the crowd. There are not many places on the island where you will meet so many creatively dressed up people combined with excellent food and extravagant shows.  “It’s not a restaurant and it’s not a dinner show,” says Albert. “It’s like another world, where artists interact with guests and you get a taste of Asia and then Mexico.” and we can only agree with that.


Heart Ibiza Food


Heart Ibiza Events

Last Sunday was the opening of HEART’s newest Sunday event ‘SAGA’. Hosted by the Brooklyn Duo Bedouin they’ve created an outstanding musical experience we are looking forward to each Sunday. But that’s not the only highlight this summer, with events like ‘Heart Factory’, ‘Keep on Dancing’, ‘Troya’ and ‘Boogie in Wonderland’, we will many occasions to dance into the night with exceptional artists like Sven Väth, Acid Pauli, Damian Lazarus, DJ Koze, Guy Gerber, Lee Burridge, &Me, Adam Port and Guy Laliberte himself. And we can only agree with him saying  “Heart is a laboratory of experiences and art”. 

if you haven’t already been there, it’s time to reserve your table and enjoy the experience.

Contact our concierge department for table reservations and any other inquiries.

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