Far from the vibrant summer environment, crowded beaches and warm turmoil, we find a very different and yet still exciting island in winter. Ibiza changes completely its face every year towards colder days to offer its most authentic and natural side. Ibiza can also be a winter paradise worth enjoying between the months of October and May, right before peak summer season comes back to transform the island once again.
But first things first. Let’s talk about the weather. There is something you should know about the weather forecast during autumn and winter, even spring sometimes: it is not as bad as it can get in your head. Fortunately Ibiza enjoys lots of summer day and temperatures are often pleasant perfect for enjoying a beer under the sun outdoors or sitting at a terrace at 12 am. However, bear in mind at night temperatures tend to go down and, unfortunately for some, humidity can be heavily felt. Therefore we recommend visitors coming to Ibiza during winter to dress in what we call “onion dress code” meaning wearing many layers of clothing you can then later take off gradually depending on how hot or cold it gets!


For people visiting Ibiza during winter coming from foreign countries, especially northerners, Ibiza might not have the coldest winter ever! Daytime temperatures can go up to 15 degrees, sometimes even 25 under the sun if you are lucky enough. Not only is the temperature mild (except when it rains) but beaches are another wander worth strolling down. Quiet, yet not at all deserted, they suddenly become quiet paths that connect the blue sea with a calm city that is Ibiza during autumn and winter time. One of our favourite parts of arriving during less touristy season, is the vivid colours that suddenly emerge inside Ibiza’s countryside. Exotic plants and flowers blossom in a succession of white, yellow, orange and red palette striking all senses. Especially during almond blossom season which we will later explain. Nature is at its fines during colder days in Ibiza, and that is why, we love this other face of our favourite island.

Solitary Beaches

Whether you have visited beaches and coves of Ibiza during the summer this time you will see them under a bright new light. Visitors will get to Ibiza as if it was their first time there. It is indeed an absolute delight to walk along the shore in absolute solitude. Are you a real hero? The take a dip in the ocean: only for brave ones! Perhaps you find in some beaches lots of “algae” which many people confuse with dirt. In fact they are the remains of Posidonia Oceanica, a plant whose prairies between Ibiza and Formentera form the world’s largest living being. 

They have even been declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO and its oxygenating water is responsible keeping the sea clean and clear. In summer, the remains of this plant are cleaned daily, but in winter the accumulation of poseidonia helps to set and keep the sand.

You can also have a look at our guide of the best beaches in Ibiza that at this time of the year become lonely and beautiful. You can wander around them without having tourists monopolizing the sand, and understand why Ibiza is the ultimate winter destination.

Winter Luxury Accommodation

Compared to summer days, finding accommodation in Ibiza during winter is a piece of cake. Luxury villas offer special discounts to visitors coming to the island during low season and all services included are of the highest standards. We wouldn’t say in-house concierge services are better now than during busy summer days – at Bonder & Co we are experts at providing efficient and top quality concierge assistance – but being realistic, anything you might want form the island will take minutes to arrive. That is because the busy tourist time has come to an end and so now deluxe services can be acquired much more easily.


Luxury villas to rent in Ibiza during winter can be very cozy and warm. Whether you decide to stay in the vibrant south, the marvelous west, the quiet east or the unspoilt north, there are plenty of exclusive properties available between the October and May. Let’s not forget on top of everything the multiple attractive discounts on luxury homes… Find out more about winter discounts here!

To discover Ibiza in winter there is the urgent need to rent a car. Public transport is not very regular and also a car gives you absolute freedom to move around towns and secluded coves. In case you are wondering, winter roads are practically empty. Either that or arranging a private driver service that can drive you around the island whenever and wherever! You will not have to worry about anything given the fact that our personal chauffeurs are island connaisseurs and would be more than happy to show you another side of the island during winter. If you are a more of an adventurous and athletic person, there’s also the option to rent a bike and do different rural routes through the countryside whose vegetation turns into unique colors at this time of year.

Almond Blossom Season

Almond blossom season is the most magical and special time of year in Ibiza. These days also bring the feeling of the next arrival of spring. The blossom season usually takes place from late January to mid-February. You can see almond trees across the island, but the best place to admire them is in the valley of Santa Agnes de Corona, which is literally carpeted with white petals.

And if you’re lucky enough to visit the valley on a clear night of fullmoon, we assure an unforgettable experience. Contact us to arrange a special Almond Route around the pinkish-white fields.

Shopping in Hippy Markets

One of the most interesting activities you can do is go shopping to a charming place: the Ibiza hippy markets. Winter is the best time to go shopping to shops that still maintain the charm of the hippie era. Some places have substantially changed their image and fashion with respect to summer, increasing its charm and originality. You might a second hand antiquity for a good price.


One of the most interesting markets is that of Sant Jordi, where many second-hand goods are sold. Here you can find sellers with clothes, jewelry, music or books but also individuals with boxes brought directly from their home in which you can find authentic antiques and jewelry collections.


We also recommend Cala Llenya Flea Market and Las Dalias: during winter they get their best finery to welcome visitors from all over the island.

The old town of Dalt Vila


Dalt Vila is the walled city located in the center of the capital of the island. Strolling through the streets and getting lost in them is one of the recommended activities. Winter is the perfect time to visit this site, declared World Heritage Site. In summer it’s too hot to climb to the cathedral, but in winter it becomes a delight to discover the different viewpoints of the city, the sea and Formentera we find at the top.

Winter Nightlife

Ibiza in winter is much more relaxed. All the big clubs appearing in all media close their doors in summer from October to May. Read about famous Ibiza closing parties 2016 to learn the exact dates. The only exception is Pacha Ibiza, which opens only during winter weekends and other holidays such as New Year’s Eve for example.


Local festivities are also great events that take place during the quieter winter months in Ibiza. Usually accompanied by performances by local rock groups among other fun activities for the whole family. Visit lively venues such as the passages in the city of Ibiza or the Pereyra Theatre. As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to travel to Ibiza in winter: prices are lower and the atmosphere is much more authentic.

Cold sunsets

Watch the sunset is one of the favorite activities of tourists in summer. However, what many don’t know is that during hot days the atmosphere is filled with suspended particles that halt sight from watching a beautiful sunset. Locals know perfectly well that the best sunsets can only be seen in winter, because the atmosphere is cleaner, especially if it has rained days before cleaning the air of particles.

In fact, only on clear winter days one can see from Ibiza and with great clarity the long Mediterranean sea and distinguish the impressive mountain silhouettes of the coast of Alicante on the horizon. 

Discovering small towns

The interior of the island is dotted with small and charming white villages. In all of them you will find some bars and restaurants where they serve some of their specialties: tapas in Santa Eulalia, spanish omelette in Santa Inés, fine country wine in San Mateo

But not only can visitors enjoy the cuisine here; we also recommend you to take a look at the architecture of typical Ibizan churches, more like fortresses than traditional churches. The historical reason is striking: the incursions of barbarian pirates from the North Africa that penetrated inside the island to loot villages and houses, forced churched to be built in a way that they became refuges for the townspeople.

The atmosphere of the interior towns of Ibiza is very quiet, perfect places to unwind and imagine how was the island a few decades ago before the arrival of mass tourism. Fortunately, Ibiza still keeps all its charm in winter.

Finally, do not forget to take a piece of the island home, especially its flavors. We suggest that you bring with you some typical sausage of Ibiza (butifarrón and spicy sausage), a creamy ensaimada, a flaón (terrific mint cheesecake) or a bottle of Ibizan herbal liqueur.

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