The shiny daughter of THE  renowned rockstar introduces her amazing Jewelry Collection. She gave us a moment to explain what it means to her, her aspirations in life and her way of living. A truly hardworking entrepreneur who has been living in luxury and elegance all her life and decided to take her own way to success.


1. What stands out in Ibiza from an artists point of view?

Ibiza has always been very close to my heart since arriving here seventeen years ago. The beautiful and unspoilt countryside is always a source of inspiration, and the sense of quiet isolation that can be found everywhere allows a serene contemplation and space to work and think; and with so many creative people here that I have met over the years, there is a tangible vibration and momentum to carry on being creative oneself.

2. How has growing up in such a unique environment influenced your a) life and b) work?

a) Growing up in such a unique environment has created a family home that is where we all feel we belong and so it was natural progression to now open up my first atelier here to give people an opportunity to see and buy my work.

b) I always enjoy meeting people who are interested in what I do and explaining to them more about the inspiration behind each collection. Of course Ibiza has influenced my work, and, in fact, it was here that my classic skull collection was designed. It has become a cult item for all the Islanders and travellers that come and enjoy Ibiza

3. Is there anything this year that you are particularly excited about?

This year has been particularly exciting as opening the store has made me feel even more a part of the history of Ibiza.

4. What would be your perception of a rockstar?

Insouciance, charisma, and dressed to take the stage 24/7.


Interviewed by Rosana Payne

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