Lamuella Ibiza, in their tireless zeal to keep balance and movement, have organized for this Tuesday 9th of August “Five Elements Mini Fest”, an original and creative festival throughout the day. Following their hippie style and boho vibe, Lamuella family invite us all to attend this afternoon at 5 p.m till the sun sets over the bay and the moon welcomes the night.



This mini fest is also aimed at the little ones. Families are welcome to bring their children and gather around a fabulous party in the heart of Ibiza. The day will be enlivened for them with fun and engaging activities to boost their creativity and spirit. Sunchildren Group will be in charge to look after them at the kids area provided within the enclosure of the event.


In the meanwhile, guests will be able to wander around food stalls placed around Lamuella to the sound of chilled music and boho rhythms brought by several renowned DJs of the Ibizan music scene: Lenny Ibizarre, Tribone, Jozzy Avratz, Dani Tuval and a special guest yet to be confirmed.


Throughout the day guests who decide to come by will witness spectacular live performances by different artists. Oh and do not hesitate to try Lena Perez’ Live Body Painting, a curious and original practice that will blow your mind. Because everything can happen in Ibiza, especially during Lamuella nights.


Lamuella Ibiza – Ctra San Juan, Km13.5, 07812 San Lorenzo, Ibiza

+34 971 32 53 56

Tuesday 9th August 2016 from 5 p.m until closure


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