Since I have use of reason, Ibiza’s favorite son (excuse me Paris) Leo DiCaprio has always wandered the island on a boat. Leo’s best-loved summer activity is to sail around with his luxury yacht and his newly-acquired tall blonde model girlfriend. His luxurious lifestyle is completely out of this world and us earthly humans aspire deep down to one day become a shadow of his persona. DiCaprio graciously sails around the coast of Ibiza with stunning naval designs, gets his meals delivered by powerboats, and does not hesitate to live the luxury yachting lifestyle to the fullest. His 1997 Titanic adventure has much to envy this pre and post Oscar habit. Cruise ships are always surrounding the idyllic Balearic island of Ibiza. Most of them belong to a VIP jet set crowd who parade around the marina their superyachts and sailing boats. A five-star opulent lifestyle yearned by many. Whether you landed on this article because you are planning on renting a luxury boat, buying a superyacht or maybe by mistake, here is a selection of the best luxury ships in the market today. Become Leonardo DiCaprio without being Leonardo DiCaprio for a few days sailing across Ibiza and Formentera with your newly acquired luxury yacht.


The crème de la crème of powerboats, this yacht has it all.

Length: 22,06 m

Pax: 8 – Cabins


A classy hard top boat perfect for sailing across turquoise waters .

Length: 13,33 m

Pax: 10 – Cabins: 2


Comfortable and elegant motor yacht for summery days.

Length: 18 m

Pax: 12 – Cabins: 3+1

Why not add some cool extra features to your sailing journey? To live a full DiCaprio experience there are some ‘musts’ that need to be met on board! Always be nice to a person with a ship. Especially if that cruise has deluxe crew services. Such amenities can be over the top luxury concierge services as for example an on board catering delivering constant food and beverages to passengers. A private Chef is also a great idea! Waking up in your sailing vessel watching morning dawn with a deliciously made breakfast can make your day. Our professional chefs will stay onboard with you as long as those bacon and eggs are needed. Live up your journey at night with a DJ! Shake up passengers on your luxury boat with exotic rhythms to create unforgettable nights that even Leo would be proud of. And do not forget the icing of the cake: onboard cocktail man. Get freshly made cocktails during the day at any time. Your family and friends will highly appreciate it.


This legendary brand offers the ultimate luxury experience with an exceptional design.

Length: 22,56 m

Pax: 10 – Cabins: 3


A beautiful speedboat, designed for hopping over to Formentera.

Length: 12,5 m

Pax: 10 – Cabins: 1 + one salon

There are many ways of traveling the world. Discovering new destinations is always an exciting idea, especially if you can do so with an exclusive and unique conveyance. Here you will find the most exclusive and luxurious power boats, superyachts, sailing boats, cruise ships and so on from the islands of Ibiza and Formentera. O Captain! My Captain! Discover Ibiza’s spectacular coastline or explore secret Formentera. Navigate with our luxury boats around virgin coves and unspoilt marine caves.


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