Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese science that combines architecture with the universal energy called “Qi” (pronounced “chi”) that welcomes positive energy. It cultivates good vibrations, so our surroundings can develop their own natural harmony. Have a look at our most beautiful Feng Shui Villas in Ibiza.


Charming 6 bedroom villa located in the classical valleys of San Carles, in the center of Ibiza and near Las Dalias Market and just 7 min away from Aguas Blancas, one of the best northern Ibiza beaches. Consisting of a spectacular main house and a guest apartment, Villa Dragon is surrounded by beautiful mature gardens with the symbolic Feng Shui animals: black turtle, red phoenix, green dragon, white tiger and finally the yellow snake. This house also features a Tennis court, an ecological vegetable garden and a stunning pool area with several chill outs. This newly built and decorated Feng Shui villa is the perfect place to leave stress behind, feel the Feng Shui benefits and have peaceful holidays with friends or family.

VillaIbiza Dragon


Luxury Villa Ibiza

This stunning 5 bedroom villa can be described in two words, luxury and romance. Combining the most essentials of a perfect vacation, Villa Clarita exceeds all expectation by offering a stunning northwest ocean and sunset view. With state of the art architectural designs, the villa has 200 years old walls that have been cautiously refined by modern minimalistic architecture and timeless design, to create a luxurious and aesthetic place of residence. The villa is surrounded by 400 years old olive trees with more than 2000 square meter grassland; creating a beautiful contrast with the blue sky and for romantic late afternoon walks.


Villa Basquiat is a beautifully 6 bedroom designed villa. Enjoy a marvelous natural garden with various chill out areas and it is the absolute perfect setting for any holiday. The swimming pool terrace is beautifully appointed with stylish sun beds, and a cozy lounge area under a shaded pergola where guests can escape the sun after a refreshing swim into the crystalline waters of the pool. Situated in Sant Juan and the very close to the marvelous Atzaro Spa

Luxury Villa Ibiza


Luxury Villa Ibiza

Villa Icho in Ibiza is a house where the architecture is not useless, but fits perfectly into the landscape. An interior design that gives pride to the greatest names in design and contemporary art, this is the promise of this villa. The gullied and stony path, full of ruts (repaired since the passage of the journalist!), is not easy to take to reach this little corner of paradise. But when the gray wooden gate slides on the rails, we forget totally the inconvenience. The green grass, the lemon and orange trees, the white graphics standing out against the blue sky of Ibiza, the transparency of large windows, the grey wood of the large front door, the sound of the waterfall along the rear façade awaken every senses. 7 bedrooms en suite all with beautiful view, the ideal Ibiza luxury holiday escape.

Haven’t found your dream villa yet? Please contact us and we will find the right place for you on the island.

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